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ketamine treatment for depression during coronavirus

Ketamine Treatment for Depression During Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact nearly every aspect of our lives, including our mental health. While millions suffer from depression, the stressors caused by the pandemic coupled with self-isolation may further affect their wellbeing. Ketamine therapy has been heralded as an effective treatment for depression, but it may be a true saving grace during these troubling times. While treating a major depressive disorder is no simple task, ketamine treatments have been proven to yield positive results in patients. If you feel as though you may benefit from these revolutionary methods, we encourage you to read more about ketamine treatments for depression during the coronavirus pandemic.

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These Are Difficult Times

The world is a very different place compared to what it was in 2019. As COVID-19 continues to be a global concern, people are left in a state of uncertainty. From health issues to economic pressures, coronavirus has overtaken our lives in a major way. And for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, the effects may be worse. Mental illness is hard enough to cope with without a global pandemic, but becomes exacerbated with self-isolation and other constant stressors. Thankfully, there’s hope. Ketamine and infusion therapy is a truly effective method in treating depressive disorders, especially if patients are resistant to other treatments. The benefits of ketamine treatment for depression during coronavirus. 


How Does Depression Affect the Body?

For those who suffer from depression, the world has lost its luster. It’s a serious problem that must be treated like any other condition. When left unchecked, depression can lead to a wide spectrum of health issues and side effects. From extreme fatigue to irregular blood pressure, depression can impact every aspect of your body. Aside from the powerful mental effects, depression can keep the body from healing itself, or in extreme conditions, lead to health issues or suicidal thoughts. A suicidal attempt is no laughing matter and must be addressed immediately with proper treatments. Unfortunately, traditional antidepressants have proven to be ineffective with some patients. Yet modern medical science has developed proven methods to overcome this mental disorder and lessen its side effects—ketamine and infusion therapy. 
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Why Ketamine and Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine treatment for depression during the coronavirus pandemic should be considered to soothe the worrisome and anxious feelings that come with troubling times. Ketamine and infusion therapy is a completely safe process. In fact, the FDA has approved this form of therapy to treat depression and chronic pain. The results are fast and effective, giving patients relief from the daily depression that overshadows them. In the last 10 years, prominent institutions all over the world including Yale University, The Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai Medical School, The National Institute of Mental Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Stanford University regularly reported a 70% success rate or higher in IV ketamine’s efficacy in the treatment of these medical conditions. Ketamine provides relief by blocking NMDA receptors which creates a favorable chemical environment for neuron growth. This provides time for repair and regeneration of neural pathways, which often reduces symptoms associated with mood disorders, PTSD, and chronic pain. Unlike most antidepressants, which can cause weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, and other side effects, ketamine and infusion therapy is a stressless option for depression treatment.
Without a doubt, ketamine and infusion therapy has helped millions overcome depression and other mental issues, including anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. And now, it’s more convenient and affordable than ever. At Mindscape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, we provide revolutionary and effective treatments for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, migraine, and chronic pain conditions. Call or schedule an appointment today to experience a new standard in mental health treatments.