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The Dissociative Power of Ketamine

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We at MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, PLLC have been frequently asked by our potential clients about the dissociative experience of IV Ketamine therapy.

What is Dissociation?

Dissociation is a temporary mental state in which a person feels “detached” from the surroundings. Clients describe a “floaty” sensation where they feel disconnected from their body. They also describe it as separation of the sensations of the body from their mind which may cause them to experience the following:

  • feeling as if looking at things from outside the body
  • feeling like a spectator or being observed
  • objects looking different
  • things are in slow motion or seem unreal
  • colors seeming brighter or duller than usual
  • having tunnel vision or seeing things through a haze
  • things are in slow motion or seem unreal
  • losing track of time or what is happening in their surroundings
  • feeling as though their body has changed

How Does IV Ketamine Produce Dissociation?

IV Ketamine is a NMDA receptor antagonist which allows Glutamate, the most common neurotransmitter, to be more readily available in the brain.

Glutamate then works on the synapses of different parts of the brain to lessen depression, anxiety, various mood disorders, and decrease pain in chronic pain disorders.

It is believed that the MORE Glutamate is released the more dissociated a person experience. Some studies have shown this in turns enhances the anti-depressant effects of IV Ketamine. Other studies have shown no correlation. At this point there are no clear-cut answer.

IV Ketamine can create an entire world inside a person’s mind. Those who remember the experience say that the ketamine caused them to see the connections between everything in the universe. One previous client stated that “it was like having a 45-minute backstage pass to the universe.”

They state that they were able to make connections in thought between things that they never considered before. It can create a fantasy for those who take it. Even though this fantasy and connectivity is only in their head, some people feel that it is profound.

Some clients have also described the experience as being cathartic. They were able to bring to surface repressed feelings that have been obstructed them from moving forward in their life.

The Dissociative Experience at MindScape Ketamine

We at MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy understand how important the dissociative experience is for our clients.

We have created a serene spa-like ambience that is unparallel. This includes individual private soft color palate client rooms with comfortable chaise lounge chairs. We further enhance the experience with aromatherapy incense, noise cancelling headphones linked to meditation/spa music, and soft lighting.

MindScape Ketamine understand some clients might find the disassociation uncomfortable. We have established protocols that will help mitigate this feeling.

Our attention to detail to optimize our client’s IV Ketamine experience is unrivaled. Please call for your complimentary consultation and find out how MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy can help you live life again.